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Creating a future where local communities can use robotics for social good

We are a Nepali innovation lab that focuses on solving local challenges and needs through the use of appropriate robotics & AI technologies.

What we do

We act as an expert’s center to develop local capacity for the use of appropriate robotics solutions in humanitarian, development, health and environmental efforts in Nepal.

We provide training, equipment and data processing expertise and help incubate new local drone-based service providers. We foster local demand by working together with local, national and international organisations in conducting robotics-related projects.

As a non-profit organisation, we focus on projects that directly benefit human life and the surrounding natural environment.

Projects & Training

Business Incubation Program

Business Incubation Program

The goal of our Flying Labs is to create local robotics capacity. To complement the technical trainings and projects, we also organize a Business Incubation Program that allows to turn ideas on how to create new businesses using drone technology into local companies. Read more on our first “Drone as a Service” Business Incubation program here.

Landslide Vulnerability Mapping

Landslide Vulnerability Mapping

In 2017, WeRobotics and Nepal Flying Labs, along with Swiss NGO Medair, set out to map a massive landslide in Nepal using the senseFly eBee plus drone. The flights proved to be difficult, with over 800m in altitude change, but were ultimately completed and an incredible 3D model data-set was generated.

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Disaster management and agriculture training

Disaster management and agriculture training

In 2016, WeRobotics along with Nepal Flying Labs organized a training at Kathmandu University focused on agriculture and disaster management. This training used the senseFly eBee and the Parrot Bebop drones, and involved the use of multispectral imaging for precision agriculture and elevation model creation.

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Post earthquake aerial surveys with CDMC

Post earthquake aerial surveys with CDMC

WeRobotics and Kathmandu University teamed up with the Community Disaster Management Committee (CDMC) in 2015 to carry out aerial surveys of Panga, one of the hardest hit areas following the tragic 2015 Earthquakes. Following this project, Kathmandu University returned to Panga to complete the aerial surveys independently.

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How We Can Help

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Uttam Pudasaini – Nepal Flying Lab Coordinator 


Uttam is a Geomatics Engineer from Kathmandu University (KU), Nepal. He is the co-founder of a startup company called Naxa Pvt. Ltd. based in Kathmandu, which has been working to introduce Geo-informatics as a vital domain for development. He has also served as the President of Geomatics Engineering Society, a student run professional club at KU. Uttam also conducts training sessions for professionals on Geographic Information Systems. His particular interest is in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Their many applications prompted him to research and learn about how they are operated as well as how the images captured by them can be processed and used for good.
Uttam is passionate about GIS, Data Mapping, and UAV Photogrammetry. He is now a UAV Technical Consultant at Build Change, an American NGO working on reconstruction and rehabilitation in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. Uttam and his team have been winner of the International Space Apps Challenge 2014 Kathmandu event, organized by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and YoungInnovations.


Nagpokhari, Naxal,
Kathmandu, Nepal